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Please note that in order to join, you need at least three pieces of literature in your gallery. Thanks!

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Members of the Month Member of the Month by Scarlettletters


Tanka Set 91.
to embrace
a lover's warmth . . .
in flowers
in a cool glass
of apple ice wine
oh! so many ways
to slowly measure
our short time:
    a clock's hands
    the body of night sky
needing fellowship . . .
two small children
endlessly agaze
at the sun's glimmer
from light years away
this galactic meadow
rolling across darkness
while the world goes on
I slip into silence
camellia pressed
into murky water . . .
    my grandmother stares
    asks me again
    who I am
watching planes
disappear into gray . . .
how I long
for my own piece
of unencumbered sky
teaching lessons
on the subtle ways
to feel a lover's presence
    these shoots of wild ivy
    now atop the clock tower
morning glories
curled around the banister
all the petals
of my young life
finally unfurling
Tanka Set 101.
lost amid
this shutdown
in America
all these tanka
with mouths to feed
how lost . . .
early morning
somewhere atop
the trinkets
to fruitful lives
now lost
we toast to memories
of rusted pennies
where is
this looming promise
of change?
    the stray cats at play
    lifeless baby squirrel
so sunny this noon
near Capitol Hill . . .
a man jumps
wades through rivers
of strewn litter
trying hard
to write
compelling tanka . . .
I look at myself
how I've effected change
how does one
a broken gate
with cracked hammers
with planks of tired wood
adorn the piano casing . . .
new blooms at ease
in the cadence
of a lover's hands
country meadow
growing ever longer
each blade
never afraid
of the end of days
atop thunderclouds
I am lost
in early morning
Tanka Set 111.
night already
has taken over
the harbor
still covered
with snow and ice
five minutes . . .
the kettle
has cooled
has cooled
has disappeared
my cat
the adventurer
on the face
of my face
slow meander
through New York . . .
off snow, the sun
brightens everything
the meadow
all this winter
covered with snow . . .
the comely lovers
begin to sprout
how fast
the peregrine . . .
shadows at dawn
over the great hill
and into the valley
from the air
bodies appear
as if in paintings
    tiniest of dots
    all so vibrant
from my office
an obscured view
of morning sky . . .
just enough blue
to dream of more
- complete -


Amber Hueswarm hued swirls
swept from west-south-west
tattered clouds streaming
this orange flitters east
…the butterfly rebels
The Orchid BrewA hardy folk of weathered hand
Which roam the steppes and grazing lands
The Ottoman
It came to them, a folkish brew
Tubular roots and slender stalk
And blooms of royal hue
The legends grew…
Imbued it’s said with potent power
The Orchis strength on scented beds
Within a lover’s bower
Salep, salep
The common folk eschewed such views
Had plainer cause to make their brews
Powdered tubers for drinks to sweet
With orange spice or silken rose
Here’s a drink to warm a heart
And take the chill from night
A heady fare to charm a tongue
With flavors to delight
EmbrocationOften as a healing balm, soothing flesh and nature
Aging monarchs held a custom, conquering lands in yester-days
– culture then of different sort; by modern mores, unswayed
To bed a host of lissome maids, their visage pure and spotless
Strumming harps and singing songs of aching love mellifluous
No dalliance these before his throne, nor flash akin scintilla
But trophies of majestic power, warming chamber silks at night
And sweetening regal bower
Revolution's End by rlkirkland

Outstanding Works:

the man who offered peaches to the mooni was meant to be a painting
in a world where crocodile glitter
and the taste of sequins greet
each other hustling on the corner
i forgot my path club-
                  diving in the night
all the pools were
                 spiked      i hoped
someday the starlit highway would explode
and it would rain
               husks, so
i went back to the place where we first met,
my torn suit and the worst of business attire,
my wet palms and the rustiest of escape
i went back to the place where we met
and your cheeks were so round
and glistening with fat
i went back to our pentagonal arena,
cctv tinsel pythons were glaring at me
and i heard "streams of garbage will finish these streets"
i had grown out of peach fuzz but you
seemed so naive then
i stretched out my hand
and the stars,
and the stars took out their tiny cameras
Tired eyes lever themselves open,
moonbeam melted tranquility
sliding down the waking drain;
The onslaught begins.
Pillow buried faces contorting,
phantom expressions of twisted rage
branding screaming flesh;
You should have stopped him.
Salted nectar bleeding slow,
screwed up eyes watching all
through tightly squeezed shut lids;
You blocked it for a reason.
Desperate for annihilation,
scarlet tendrils sharp and lithe
crave teasing oblivion;
Please make it stop.
Exhaustion takes over,
relieved respite warm and welcome
as consciousness slips away;
Please let me forget.
Three Movements of Noise In Voice Speech and SoundVoice - Black Noise
i hear █████████ my name
███████████ the ████ damn thing
is █████ one thing ██████████████
i'm ██████ tired of ████████
███████████ the ████████████
█████ sweet talk sound███████
when I don't ███████ need
my heart starts slowing ██████
██████████████ me










About submitted work that is not put in our gallery...

1. Did you refer to the submission guidelines governing acceptance and rejection? The gallery contributors are obligated to base their decisions on acceptance using these guidelines.

2. Did you inquire to the group as to why your specific submission was rejected? You have every right to request an explanation. It is reasonable to expect that anyone voting to reject your piece should be prepared to defend their decision. However,contributors are not obligated to specifically respond to your request for explanation of submission rejection and/or may choose to simply direct you to the general guidelines.

3. Do you feel like you submitted your very best work? Perhaps you were asked to participate in this group based on the strength of other works in your gallery.

4. Is the person that invited you to the group a contributor for the specific gallery to which you submitted your piece? Perhaps you were invited by a contributing member who is a big appreciator of your work, but does not vote in the gallery category where you chose to submit your piece.

5. Did you consider re-submitting your piece to the Critique Requested gallery? Contributors may choose to provide in-depth feedback and ideas for improvement on your piece.

Group Info

Joining and submitting:

In order to join, you need at least three pieces of literature in your gallery.

Submissions are limited to one per day. Only members of the group may submit work. Please submit to the appropriate folder, and do not submit to Featured. Please don't submit PDFs; many people, including some of the group admins, can't read them.

We are not an exclusive group. We do, however, want your best work. We want poetry and prose that says something - tells a story; evokes a mood or memory; stirs an emotion; takes the reader out of him or herself. Only finished work, please - and only what you consider to be your best.

If your work is declined, please contact us and we will be happy to explain. Critique is time consuming and not always met favorably; therefore, we would prefer you tell us if you want it. If your work is declined, do not take it personally.

As members, please only critique the works that ask for it. And if you do, please be respectful - no flaming or negativity. Please use constructive criticism only.

Poetry: Your poem should aim to: "Convey experience(s), ideas, or emotions in a vivid and imaginative way. It should be characterized by the use of language which is selected for sound and suggestive power. While cliche is not always 100% avoidable, it should be at a minimum.

Meter, metaphor, alliteration, personification and/or rhyme, for example, can all be used to aid effective delivery, interpretation, readability and heighten sheer reading pleasure. Fixed form in particular should have a consistent meter and free verse should flow easily. Imagery is very important and we do look for it, especially used in unusual ways.

Prose: We accept all genres of prose except fanfic, character profiles, and erotica. With horror - please make sure your gore factor is intrinsic to the plot and not for its own sake. We want a story, not a blood bath. Originality, creativity, imagery all are important.

Submissions which, (in the opinion of the group's relevant reviewers), demonstrate the following attributes will be rejected (compassionately):

"Trite, unimaginative, weak, stale, lifeless, lack-luster, poor spelling, poor grammar, the extended and detrimental use of simple, monosyllabic wording".

We are asking that you not submit work that is trite, stale, cliche or employs the use of simple, monosyllabic wording or phrasing. Please keep spelling and grammatical errors to a minimum. We are not grammar police, but writing is more enjoyable when it flows well.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. It is simply intended as a guideline.
Founded 4 Years ago
Aug 30, 2010


Group Focus

1,322 Members
1,201 Watchers
77,194 Pageviews
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For the month of April we have four great pieces each from jswebb and rlkirkland and we have six pieces from six of our other talented members. Each piece is a wonderful revelation in the art of poetry or prose. Check these works out and give each of their galleries a sweep; you will not be disappointed. Also be sure to give each of them well deserved congratulations!

We here at Word-Smiths hope the Spring sun finds you and delights you. Be safe and be well.
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Yamiga Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student Writer
Hello! It seems like every piece I submit gets rejected. I would like to know why. 
Yamiga Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Writer
Never mind! I'll just leave. 
qwibes Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014   Writer
I have tried submitting some of my lit here so many times, I lost count. And a get rejected every time.
I don't take it personally, but honestly it does make me feel like you all think I'm a bad writer. And it makes me wonder why it gets rejected, even though I vary the kind of submission as much as possible. I did ask for feedback once, but I got a negative reaction, saying I shouldn't expect critique, while your guidelines say we are welcome to ask.
Should I keep trying or just give up?
beeinthebottle Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014   Writer
Hi -- The W-S profile isn't really the place to address this, but I can give you a quick response. You may be a bit confused as far as W-S being expected to provide "critique." If you request a reason for a decline on the submittal itself, we can often provide it -- although it's not fair to the admins to expect that for every piece. (We aren't paid staff.) We don't offer any kind of indepth critique. But there are a ton of groups out there who do.
qwibes Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014   Writer
I wouldn't know what'd be a better place though.
I don't expect W-S to be here for crit, I had no expectations of that. The feedback I asked was merely 'why did it get rejected?'. I only asked once, because the negative response doesn't make it inviting. (I did get some feedback on it, not saying I didn't)
thetaoofchaos Featured By Owner Edited Jul 12, 2014   Writer
I am surprised someone here told you not to expect a critique after you asked, assuming you did so respectfully.  Although we do not obligate our admins to provide critique, most of them are usually willing to give some feedback on denied submissions when asked. If you link me to one of your submissions that wasn't accepted, I will take a look and give you some feedback on it.

In general, the group tries to apply a quality criteria to submissions. We are not necessarily able to accomplish this with total objectivity, but we do have some defined standards. You should also remember that we have multiple admins with differing interpretations of group standards. It's possible that if you are consistently getting your works rejected, it could be that they are not meeting one or more of our better defined criterions.
qwibes Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014   Writer
I didn't even ask for critique, I only asked why it was denied. 
Just 3 I remember submitting:
And I know you just asked for one, I don't expect you to read more than that. I just want to show that I submit very different things.
Blacksand459 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for accepting my submission! :)  Have a great day!
StrongMedicine Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hello! I am Medi, and my partner is Strong. We are looking to join contests, participate in trades (Sorry, we only provide literary deviations!), receive prompts, or anything else that will challenge us. There is a general consensus of things we will and won't do on our profile, don't be afraid to throw ideas! Ideas that are used will be credited by whomever gave it to us.
makor359 Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
If you like, check my 3 pieces.  Ive been gone for awhile but Im hopefully back now..some members have added my pieces to their collections...Thanx
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