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MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT and other gallery rules

:bulletblack: Please note that in order to join, you need at least three pieces of literature in your gallery.

:bulletblack: We do not accept erotic prose.

:bulletblack: We do not accept literature submitted in PDF format.

:bulletblack: We do not accept journals. All deviations submitted to the group must have the proper categorization.

:bulletblack: We only accept works submitted by the original author.

:bulletblack: Please submit only finished works. Do not submit works in progress or pieces that you do not feel are representative of your best efforts. Chapters of a story or novel in progress are allowed, but the chapter itself must be considered finished before it is submitted to the group.

:bulletblack: Please note that this group has a quality standard. Works with obvious spelling or grammatical mistakes or punctuation errors may not be considered. In the case of poetry, line breaks, imagery, originality, and other craft elements will be taken into consideration.

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Members of the Month Member of the Month by Scarlettletters


Falling Back into Placei wait for wisdom
               to surface
the sludge tells me
         to come in
         it's warm
that enlightenment
  awaits, just beneath the tack
               and opacity
               of its sticky skin
         come in
and i know
               that what waits there
               is more patient
               eternal and hungry
                                   than i
  but the peace
         and pragmatism
         i preach
               is only a skin
My Love Saysi dream a spine alive
held barely together
  by sound
its strings shiver
in varied tensions
  young hopeful highs
  controlled steady middles
  to the low
    inaudible whispers
    once we've said
  everything that's ever
            going to matter
it's the range and age
of a lovely luck
   and your voice
of lovely and
strength in this
so damn
   god-blessed a life
we're soul-stirred
by these empty
               whistling sticks
and the reaction
        when they hit
              the full of us
 it shakes us, like every time
 we've broken and forgotten
       how we came back
from the time before
and my god says
love your love like it's
       the only breath
       your heart can breathe
  because it is
and my love says
Our Wayward Starsguide the specimen
through the maze
and through the rain
rinsing our clothes
like they're still on fire
and somewhere, well
they probably are
and you pray
like tomorrow itself
is the fuel
that empties our dark places
like what lives there
goes away at dawn
but it doesn't
and i pray
like tonight itself
is the dark
that fuels our light
like what lives in each
feeds the ugly other
and it might
but, we're all prey
and the dream itself
is the place where
our chemical flames
hit the surface
flailing as we sink
in panicked clothes
from a distance
we must look like
wayward stars
lost, accepting the
drowning slow burn
of our descent
we look like what we are
Work the Roomsince the insides
         don't always stay
                        that way
i wonder what
                        to call them,
in-and-out sides, just
                        sounds too crass
                        yeah, that works
one state sounds
           as natural
                        as the opposite
                        everybody wins, except


Sonnet to the Cheesecake ManAnd what is art? I ask, for none can say
If taste and decadence are just the same
For what is baked as much as painted; nay,
The culinary art is not mis-named.
Thus mastery is relative by art
As sweetness becomes relative by form.
For who can pick ingredients apart
In cheesecake, just baked, savory and warm?
Its splendor sees the beauty of Monet
And raises it cream cheese and chocolate chips.
Bold flavor is an art of every day—
Pure decadence glides gently to the hips.
Aesthetically, the joys of food defeat
The visual where tongue and spoonful meet.
Cedar LaneMy friend, I left you down on Cedar Lane
With packages all tied up on your back.
You knew the truth and still would not complain
You gave me then no rest, yourself no slack.
The morning held more promise with each mile,
And I, your sole companion, seemed to last.
Your gaze on the horizon, hinted smile
Stayed in place though roads changed all too fast.
The whispers on the breeze suggested spring,
Though winter seemed to cling about my eyes,
And though my load was lighter, you would sing
Of sweetness in the glowing summer skies.
Near autumn all my strength went into walking,
And soon I dropped my load and sat me down.
Your smiling through the winter and your talking
Seemed not enough for me to stick around.
You shouldered my own bag, and I regret
That I, the weak one, won't walk with you yet.
Thy Pale Death, O Day, Enchants Me Not.Thy pale death, O Day, enchants me not.
Thine ending glow, thy downfall casts no shade
Of deepest black against thy glow. Uncaught
My breath, unstirred my heart. I bade,
I wished, I wanted naught but breathless joy.
Cold is thy heart to mock me with such lack
And falling in such pallor to annoy,
To taunt and to be brash behind my back.
Thou art, O Sunset, longing of my heart,
To bring this day to end which I have loathed.
Glorious fire, hues of gold impart!
But why dost thou remain thus poorly clothed?
You see my longing, mourning end with day--
And still you will not end with gold, but gray.
Sonnet of BelongingI feel you as a wall behind my bones
In quiet moments, lone or hemmed about;
Steady, silent, used to hold your own--
A penetration into rooms of doubt.
Yours the reassuring breath behind;
I belong to you. I am content
To travel highways from my heart and mind,
And take your sacrifice as it was meant.
I learn that highways lead to your embrace,
And bitterly, I find them incomplete;
You show me paths that set my heart to race,
And then reach out to pull me to my feet.
Your arms about me prove my fear was wrong:
To you I have and ever shall belong.

Outstanding Works:

A Brief Symphony of Candied LightI closed my eyes and told him to come back to bed.
The room was stale with skin smell and half-burnt smokes.
I called out again and again. His name against the tip
of my name and running all the way down
to a rounded shaft, a hard “s” or a coarse,
rugged “u”. I closed my eyes and counted ten.
The long gray light came falling, little bits
of cotton fiber and particles of skin
suspended, sudden and ordinary,
then falling again. Slow things down.
Make it count. When he comes back in the room
tell him you love him. That his job will get better.
Say your classes are going well. That you love
the hair on his arms brushing against yours.
That his skin, soft, tight, lacquered over
in pine-sweet refrains, feels great.
Say you love him. That he is ocean
and pine tree and sawdust
and streetlight. That he makes you ooze love,
that he makes you lose love.
I closed my eyes and imagined rain in September.
The light was tender and closed around me
in a sound that I had learned
drinking cold coffee across from two ex-loversnew book: running my fingers over embossed letters
in better light i realise the texture is dried spit.  i'm okay about it
until the BBC panics deadpan about one brit with ebola.  when everyone
caught swine flu we dispensed sanitizer in shop doorways, schools
hung them in the foyer and purell
made a lot of money.  
clinging to the kitchen sink, i pull nails out of my mouth
and scrub my hands antiseptic.  google tells me not to worry
but crusty phlegm attaches me umbilical to west africa;
sierra leone; dislocated countrymen
connected by snot.  like a kid, i keep getting my fingers
between my teeth.  
exaggeration tastes like boiled paint.
sirennight strolls in
straight off the bus of that cloudless summer day
dressed in the colors of a magenta sunset
she moves languidly across the landscape
the perfume of a million southern honeysuckles
follows her wake
her dark skirts sweep over the horizon
glittering with the rhinestones of distant stars
a somnolent moon looks on
lulled by a cicada choir
and seduced by velvet darkness
he falls across the sky
in a drunken dance
till she leaves him on the bench of dawn
as the streetlights go out
A Parting of the WaysI drank with Baez down by the bayside
Cocktails poured in crystal glasses;
turpentine, gin and arsenic
set to a Kool-Aid chaser
They say that opposites attract
I can say the opposite is true
I’ve never felt so damn repellent
or even as disgusted, true
But here I go, I go again
hearing sweet pontification
doctrines, dogmas from on high
that say we cannot part
So instead we must remain;
thorns in sides and crust in nail
a blemish on the other’s skin
and an anchor set deep in the mind
And in the drunk’s fugue it all made sense
these lies and tales of magnificence
but a Brandy haze never lasts all night
and in the morning a fog lifts to shame reveal
Ere we had the parting of the ways
we agreed upon just one thing
that all things equal in mutual assent
we never wanted to see each-other again
Fare thee well and prosper
I wish you all the best
for friends and subtle enemies
are often all the same!
Dustpan Recollections : OCD and the Tao of Broom1) A mote only dances in the light
     if there is a breeze to lift it.
2) One dust bunny is composed of a billion motes
     that never caught a breeze.
3) The mote was swept away...
     not by love-
     but by the distinction of being useless.
4) Motes live within a sunbeam...
     yet die in piles on the edges of everything.
5) Everything. ..the as
     cosmic motes. Glowing dust  flung to the fringe ;          
     clustering around the light ; the galactic crawl -
     slow tango of tangentials ...
     - radioactive winds -
     - orbital decay -
     - singularity emissions -










About submitted work that is not put in our gallery...

1. Did you refer to the submission guidelines governing acceptance and rejection? The gallery contributors are obligated to base their decisions on acceptance using these guidelines.

2. Did you inquire to the group as to why your specific submission was rejected? You have every right to request an explanation. It is reasonable to expect that anyone voting to reject your piece should be prepared to defend their decision. However,contributors are not obligated to specifically respond to your request for explanation of submission rejection and/or may choose to simply direct you to the general guidelines.

3. Do you feel like you submitted your very best work? Perhaps you were asked to participate in this group based on the strength of other works in your gallery.

4. Is the person that invited you to the group a contributor for the specific gallery to which you submitted your piece? Perhaps you were invited by a contributing member who is a big appreciator of your work, but does not vote in the gallery category where you chose to submit your piece.

5. Did you consider re-submitting your piece to the Critique Requested gallery? Contributors may choose to provide in-depth feedback and ideas for improvement on your piece.

Group Info

Joining and submitting:

In order to join, you need at least three pieces of literature in your gallery.

Submissions are limited to one per day. Only members of the group may submit work. Please submit to the appropriate folder, and do not submit to Featured. Please don't submit PDFs; many people, including some of the group admins, can't read them.

We are not an exclusive group. We do, however, want your best work. We want poetry and prose that says something - tells a story; evokes a mood or memory; stirs an emotion; takes the reader out of him or herself. Only finished work, please - and only what you consider to be your best.

If your work is declined, please contact us and we will be happy to explain. Critique is time consuming and not always met favorably; therefore, we would prefer you tell us if you want it. If your work is declined, do not take it personally.

As members, please only critique the works that ask for it. And if you do, please be respectful - no flaming or negativity. Please use constructive criticism only.

Poetry: Your poem should aim to: "Convey experience(s), ideas, or emotions in a vivid and imaginative way. It should be characterized by the use of language which is selected for sound and suggestive power. While cliche is not always 100% avoidable, it should be at a minimum.

Meter, metaphor, alliteration, personification and/or rhyme, for example, can all be used to aid effective delivery, interpretation, readability and heighten sheer reading pleasure. Fixed form in particular should have a consistent meter and free verse should flow easily. Imagery is very important and we do look for it, especially used in unusual ways.

Prose: We accept all genres of prose except fanfic, character profiles, and erotica. With horror - please make sure your gore factor is intrinsic to the plot and not for its own sake. We want a story, not a blood bath. Originality, creativity, imagery all are important.

Submissions which, (in the opinion of the group's relevant reviewers), demonstrate the following attributes will be rejected (compassionately):

"Trite, unimaginative, weak, stale, lifeless, lack-luster, poor spelling, poor grammar, the extended and detrimental use of simple, monosyllabic wording".

We are asking that you not submit work that is trite, stale, cliche or employs the use of simple, monosyllabic wording or phrasing. Please keep spelling and grammatical errors to a minimum. We are not grammar police, but writing is more enjoyable when it flows well.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. It is simply intended as a guideline.
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